The Dark Side of AI

At the 53th cohort BGU Board of Governors visit (2023), BGU Radio hosted an unforgettable event, in which Prof. Simon Barak and Dr. Buzi Raviv recorded a live show with several researchers about the Human Element in the Artificial Intelligence era. In this short recording from that show, Dr. Yisroel Mirsky, a Cyber Security researcher, spoke about the dangers of AI based deepfake crimes and what tools he and his colleagues at the Offensive AI research lab develop to protect us.

Hosted by: Prof. Simon Barak and Dr. Buzi Raviv | Jingle by: Yael Goldfinger | Deepfake: Lior Yasur, Mirsky Lab | Thanks to our wonderful creativity team: Yael Goldfinger, Boaz Ukelson, Shai Eshed Bachar, Lior Berman, Daniel Guy Tzabari, Nick Dupen, Prof. David Perlmutter and the SB Campus radio studio students | Special thanks to the BoG event production team: Hadas Moshe Barat, Keren Ben Abu, Osnat Eitan, Elior Damul, Linda Lovitch and Jeff Kaye | Picture: Danny Machlis |

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